Product Designer, with focus in software and technology.
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Freezify | iOS

Freezify is a social media app, featuring Tilt-To-View videos.

Tilt-To-View creates a novel way to interact with content. You control the speed; you control the direction - all simply by tilting your phone.

Freezify can be used for panoramas and 3D Selfies, but where it shines is in videos with non-standard time: slow motion and timelapse.

vr gif

Every video in freezify is also VR-ready, and freezify features an in-app pupilary distance adjuster, to reduce eye strain.

Fly By | iOS

Fly By is a hidden feature inside of freezify. It allows users to synchronize their cameras to create a Matrix-style "Bullet Time" effect.

Each camera can match framing by sharing thumbnails of their view. The session creator can also provide points of interest - a reticle, or a guide box - by simply dragging or pinching, respectively.

Cameras are synchronized by pinging our server for a universal time, and referencing that against the phone's internal clock.

The cameras are updated by push-notifications. If a user does not receive the notification, or otherwise falls out of sync with the session, shaking the phone triggers a ping to the server to update all values.

The videos are automatically compiled based on a user-selected "freeze point".

Slide | iOS & Hardware
pocket garden
Slide is a hardware project that aims to bring professional camera moves to hobbiest filmmakers. It is a pocketable robotic arm, that is smartphone controlled via BLE.

Utilizing face-tracking and predefined paths, the idea is to eliminate the need for camera operators, dolly grips and other expensive crew and equipment.

Slide folds to just 7 inches long, but can cover a diameter of 18 inches.

A single person could set up the Slide and step in front of the camera, all while getting smooth, cinematic tracking shots.


slide menu
The Slide iOS app allows a user to select a variety of mathematically-defined paths. Using basic trigonometry, the camera follows the selected path while keeping focus on a point of interest (or, optionally, tracking a subject using face-tracking).

A lot of testing and experimenting went into Slide. Unfortunately, motors with the right combination of smoothness, torque, size and price were never found.

With feasibility in question, I decided to put the project on hold, while I pursue further education in robotics.

Squirrel Suit | iOS
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Squirrel Suit is a speed reading app designed to allow the user to focus on the content.

While researching techniques for speed reading, I realized that most of the suggestions required diversive attention from the brain. More importantly, I realized that most of these tasks could be off-loaded onto a computer. A reader could then simply fix gaze and absorb the material.

With the words moving quickly, it is important to have an easy mechanism to start and stop. In Squirrel Suit, the reader simply taps and holds the screen to start reading, and releases to stop. No searching for the pause button while words continue to fly by.

It was also important to devleop a way to adjust speed on-the-fly. To do this in Squirrel Suit, the reader just moves the thumb right to speed up and left to slow down.

Videos | Writing, Directing, & Editing
Since high school, I've enjoyed making dumb videos with my friends. Here are a few that we made for the Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" contests:

Birthday Wish

Doritos Duck

Out of Gas

Motion Design | After Effects